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Bespoke Kitchens

Our most popular range of kitchen furniture with an extensive selection of standard units, also providing the customer with the option to specify and order special units. Carcasses can be ordered in any colour board that is commercialy available in the market. This flexibility allows you to design kitchens with cutting edge design often exceeding the flexibility offered by continental brands. The range is available carcass only or complete with doors and accessories from major suppliers such as PWS, Uform, Burbidge, Marpatt, etc. Our range of Bespoke Kitchens is the most widely used range by independent retailers of kitchens throughout London and the South East, offering high quality, enormous flexibility and competitive pricing.


Bespoke True Handleless Kitchens

A specialist selection of carcass product to suit true handleless gola rail trim and handleless sized doors from door suppliers PWS, Uform and 3-d Solutions


Bespoke In-Frame Kitchens

Our specialist carcass product range to suit In-Frame door ranges where door and frame operate seperatley. This range suits all major door suppliers listed above but orders must specify which door is being used. Differing door ranges need drilling patterns that differ from range to range and will not suit alternatives.


Bespoke 1909 Kitchens

1909 is a beautiful Shaker-style in-frame kitchen crafted from smooth grained timber in choice of 24 colours. Drawers have solid oak sides and feature traditional dovetailed joints. The classic butt hinges are available in  chrome, nickel or pewter. Orders must specify 1909 and state which range is being used.

Bespoke Bedrooms

Our Bespoke Bedroom range was developed to meet the demands of our kitchen retailer customer base and is based upon the same high quality, enormous flexibility and competetive pricing ethos. Available carcass only or complete with our range of made to order vinyl or MFC doors.


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